The most pure energy in the universe

In the beginning of our known universe there was nothing. Then, by the power of the word, the big bang brought us all kind of energies and elements. And, life was created by the love of the word. And, this love is so powerful that we can experience and follow the path of God through the love that we share to all around us. We can feel love, but there is no way to measure it. We can say that is very strong, however only when is shared we can see its real effects in our lives. Continue reading


My tribute to Leonard Knight and his Salvation Mountain

Finally, I went to the Salvation Mountain to pay tribute to Leonard Knight for his life of spreading the message that God is love. Sadly, he died on February of 2014, but his legacy will continue touching the hearts of all visitors and other people who know about his Salvation Mountain.

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Do you know what a seagull told to another seagull?

DSC_0016I went to San Diego to test my new camera at the beach. While I was adjusting my picture settings, two seagulls arrived next to me. I know they were talking about me because their eyes were pointing to my face. Of course, they were chatting in seagull language! Since I don’t have seagull’s language translator, I tried to understand their thoughts by looking to their eyes. Probably, one of the seagulls said, “hey, you brother, look that creature!”. The other seagull answered, “Yes! I know that he is seeing us now, but I don’t see any food with him. Well, we tried at least.. Let’s fly to look for more food!. Then, they flew away, so I stayed there, at the beach, thinking about those eyes that were asking me for food..


A short story about a brave honey bee

little-honey-bee_00438289When I see the flying bees, I imagine their thoughts inside their little brains. “Let’s go to work!”, probably the bee yells. Meanwhile, she is flying from one flower into another flower to collect her daily part of nectar. Then, I think that she says, “today, I am going to impress my Queen with all the nectar that I will bring to our honeycomb. But, I must be brave to defend our territory if we need to go to war against the hornets or any other enemy. Yes! I have ready my powerful sting to defend my Queen and to give my life for her..”. No doubt, that is a brave honey bee! If this story looks alike to the our life, it is purely coincidental.

No Trespassing and Rabbit

Who owns this land?

No Trespassing and Rabbit

People assume that they own the land. However, this is not always the truth. There are other creatures that could claim the same land that humans also claim as their dominion. People can create rules to enforce their claim, but those rules aren’t applicable against mother nature, never. Who really own’s the land? All creatures living in this planet are the actual owners.

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Prayer for Health

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God, I ask you to give me no more and no less than what I need. I accept what you have for me. Please give me health to do the jobs that you have entrusted to me. Help me to get to my destination. Bring me protection against all evil. Help me to forgive and keep me away from sin. And in the name of Jesus, I ask you for health and safety to all my loved ones.
In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


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How can we create more conscience about our home called earth?

Today is just another day on the calendar’s page. The Sun rises in the morning like any other day, and our planet still moving through the universe. Meanwhile, some people are happy because they obtained what they wanted and others are still struggling to fulfill their needs.

The events in life, whether beautiful or dramatic, never end. They are just changing according to the times in which we live. Today, we are more aware of what is happening globally. For example, now it is easy to get news about global warming. In a certain way, that kind of news helped to force people to be more aware of the need to care for our planet’s natural resources.

Now that we are more aware, of our planet’s condition, how can we help to stabilize our natural resources? I know that individually will be hard creating a real impact on the planet’s climate. However, we can help on our planet’s regeneration together.

Here are some ideas to create more conscience about people’s role to improve our planet.

– People must be aware that we have a single planet to live and that its resources are limited

– People must learn to respect life offered by nature."Image courtesy of 10092204/".

– We can help in the regeneration of our natural resources.

– People must be aware that the planet has climate change cycles where survive the more adaptable beings only.

– We must be aware that future generations are those who will suffer the consequences of the damage that our planet received today.

I know that together can help to improve our home called Earth.

bub and mum

To the mother who lost her six years old child

After having a sad day for learning about the misfortune of the children who died in Connecticut, I want to tell you a story that happened to me.

One day, a woman told me that she had a son called Noé, just like me, and that for this time; he would have been my same age. Sadly, she told me that she did not understand why her son, who was just 6 years old, had died by unknown medical causes. ” He was a very good boy with a good heart, we never knew why he died”, she told me. At that moment, her other sons who were present during our conversation began to worry because she was taking my time with all her questions.

However, it was fine to me so I said, “Your child, who died at such a young age, had a heart full of good feelings. I believe that he already ascended to a higher spiritual level. It is time to stop your sadness. You must be sure that you will see him again and he will show you all his love for you. On the other hand, we still here, trapped in this life, with too much to learn”. We continue talking until she smiled at me and said goodbye. For this reason, I believe that she is now living with more faith, knowing that her son is fine on a better life.

bub and mum